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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birdies, Spread Eagles and Hot Dogs: Back Into The Swing of Things

Birdies, Spread Eagles and Hot Dogs: Back Into The Swing of Things: "What a week!! Like David Hasselhoff's music, this blog is now huge around the globe! I would like to welcome my new readers..."

Back Into The Swing of Things

What a week!!  
Like David Hasselhoff's music, this blog is now huge around the globe!

            Photo: David Hasselhoff holding two golden retriever puppies.
I would like to welcome my new readers in Aruba, Russia, and Israel...
**To my reader in Aruba, I am going there for my honeymoon!  Can't wait!**

This week was big for my golf but slow on nitrogen sticks (hot dogs)...

Last Friday was my first round of the year, (a.k.a. rust round), and who else would you rather have your first round with than your college roommates.  The very people who/will can make fun of you like no one else could. 

Chip a ball badly? They make fun of you. 
Miss a tap in putt?  They make fun of you.  
Shank a drive into the woods?  They make fun of you.  Muntz, Black Eye, and UPS made the the weekend of golf enjoyable as only they could...  Oh and Muntz hated on the blog... ouch. 


Drove 5.5 hours from Boston to Binghamton, NY to visit the college roommates for the annual NFL draft/Golf Weekend extravaganza. Due to the Binghamton, NY area having flooding problems only 2 of the 14 golf courses in the area were open.  We ended up driving to PA to find a course that was dry...

Course: Tall Pine Players Club  
Weather: 51, drizzle and sideways rain
Holes Completed: 15
Hot Dogs Consumed: 1

Hot Dog:  Sysco Truck Special
Flavor: F
Condiments: F
This is the same crappy Hot Dog from Cannon Mountain.   

For the first time in my life, I had to quit playing. I was soaking wet and frozen.
Too cold, and my hands hurt everytime I swung to club...

I had 3 pars in the 15 holes I played, I think I shot a 50 on the front, 3 pars and three 6's, and a 7... yikes!


Black Eye (soon to be married in Buffalo) joined us for the weekend, and we played Endwell Greens, in Endwell, NY.  Course was soaking wet, I lost 12 balls in 18 holes (that's what .... said) everytime I hit one, they kept plugging.  

Course: Endell Greens, Endwell, NY  
Weather: 65, and sunny but chilly in the wind
Holes Completed: 18
Hot Dogs Consumed: 0   :-(

Saturday was a frustrating day for a few reasons:
1) Plugging Golf Balls
2) I ate too much at breakfast to want to have a hot dog at lunch (Mrs. Muntz made a fresh cinnamon roll and a breakfast casa-role)
3) UPS and I blew a 4 shot lead with 6 holes to play
4) UPS and I both missed a 7 foot putt at the end to tie Muntz and Black Eye.... I flat out choked. 

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Odds and Ends:

1) Did they really make a Fast and Furious 5?

2) Frozen Buns is currently yelling at the biggest loser for having a cheesy make-over episode.
Oh, and what the hell is that new trainer guy doing?  Dance moves?  Are you kidding me?  How does this burn calories?

3) Big shout out to the Navy Seals!
Thank you for everything!
Until next time...