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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cannon Mountain - 2/5/11

Cannon Mountain - Franconia Notch State Park, NH

This was day 2 of the bachelor party.  The bachelor party team grew by a few so a few of us hit Cannon Mountain and the rest went back to Loon down I-93. This was my first time at Cannon.  Before arriving all I ever knew about Cannon was that it is cold, and icy.   Well, it lived up to both the cold and the icy, but we were able to find a few trails with unbelievable snow and bumps over by, and underneath the Zoomer lift..

Highlight of the Day - One run down without our shirts on.
Two of the clowns I skied with thought it would be funny to take off our shirts, and jackets and ski down the mountain underneath the chairlift singing.  I thought this would be cold... but it was actually awesome and made a few people laugh, so I was happy.  Sadly, my phone was in the lodge, and the only phone we had was dead, so there are no pictures of the frozen fur we had flying down the hill.  Next time...

Special Shout Out : The guys who worked the Zoomer lift.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear a bit of reggae and Ben Harper while waiting in line.  They made me question my job, and quality of life...  Well done.

Ratings (OUT OF 10):
Price - $54, with the college discount

Snow - 9
Lift Lines - 8
Parking -  6 

-Busy Saturday, parked a little bit away from the hill, but all in all not bad. Except when I went to pick up someone in my group the parking attendant (waiving the wand you see the guys on the tarmac at Logan Airport waive) yelled at us for stopping the car in a no stopping zone area, which was not marked. So minus 1 for the attendant being a turd.
Hot Dogs - 1 
- NO TOASTED BUN -  Do you ever take a bite into something and think... this is a bad idea?  Taking a bite of this hot dog was a gamble. Luckily, my stomach decided to deal with it.  Never fun to gamble and lose.
** WARNING**  If you are going to Cannon Mountain, bring your own ketchup.  This is probably the worst hot dog situation I have come across in all of my 27 years.  Not only were the hot dogs horrible, but the ketchup, mustard, and relish were all watered down.  I mean seriously? 
Cookie - 2  
** HORRIBLE **  This was supposedly chocolate chunk, but I decided it was more like a chocolate/crap/sugar/molasses mix.
Bar in lodge - 8

Two miller lites were a little steep  $7 each, but it tasted amazing after a day of tearing it up on the hill.

Skiers in jeans - 0
Skiers in starter jackets - 0
Ski stickers collected - 4

Song I am listening to while blogging - Fireworks by Glee Cast . I wish I could make this up.

Until next time...  Possibly going to Gunstock or Mt.Sunapee this week!

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