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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loon Mountain, Lincoln, NH - 2/3/11

Loon Mountain  - 2/4/11
I was here for a bachelor party.  This was the first stop of the weekend, the next day we went to Cannon.  We stayed at the groom to be's family condo a quarter mile away from the hill.  We split up into a few groups,  I was able to ski with the groom for two runs until he almost puked on the lift and had to turn back.  I skied on and my ratings are below...

Ratings (OUT OF 10):
Snow - 10
New England has been getting dumped on, so this made Chris a happy camper.
Lift Lines - 9
Parking -  10 (Dropped off by a shuttle)
Hot Dogs - 2 ( horrible, they get a sympathy vote for toasting the bun)
Cookie - 5
Bar in lodge - 4

** LUKE, our loyal Birdies, Spread Eagles, and Hot Dogs follower has challenged my rating.  I concur with his observations about the lack of liquor, so the rating has been downgraded 2 points***

Skiers in jeans - 0
Skiers in starter jackets - 0
Ski stickers collected - 3

Until next time...


  1. I call shenanigans on this blog...the hot dogs and cookie were at Cannon, the rest of the stuff was at Loon. Also how did the bar get 6 out of 10 when they weren't serving liquor?

  2. Luke, little did you know I had a cookie at Loon as well. I will re-rank the bar. Thank you for the help.