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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love Hot Dogs, not Habs


Is anyone else out there watching the Bruins vs Habs game?
My disgust for the Canadians has been well documented in this forum, but Carey Price has literally saved the Habs season 5 times in the 3rd period... Crazy...

Also, if I see the Habs flop, or dive again like Paul Pierce I am going to lose my mind...

You must be asking yourself:
"Chris, please move to the Hot Dogs you consumed this evening!?!?"
Fine then...away we go...

Hot Dogs Consumed:  3
Buns : Shaw's Light Wheat - Half thawed, "Frozen Buns" pulled them from the freezer this AM. I toasted them for a few minutes.  Perfectly done if I say so myself.
Hot Dog:  Oscar Meyer Turkey Franks

These Hot Dogs were just as crappy as my previous "Spring, about time..." post about them.
All beef or old school mystery meat hot dog is the way to go.  Turkey should be saved for Thanksgiving, and even then I prefer ham. I only had these tonight because they were part of a Shaw's buy one get, one deal.

On the bright side... they are healthier so I will look good for my wedding Tuxedo in a few weeks!

GOLF:  I am playing golf this weekend with my college buddies for our annual NFL draft weekend.
A common question I am sure you ask yourself when reading this:
 "Chris, you write like a 4th grader... you went to college?
Yes I did.

I will be playing Friday and Saturday, check back for pictures and my scores!

Until next time!


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  2. I know this post is really old. But hoping you can still answer this. What dis you wrap them in?