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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring... about time...

Sorry for the delay in posting, life got busy for a few weeks.
Time to rant.

1) Why do people live in New England?
Spring is taking forever, what kind of weather is this?

What am I supposed to do today?
Too cold to go golfing at Fresh Pond, skiing is too far away and not in my budget right now, I have a road bike, but I don't have the cold weather gear...
I might go to the gym, but going to the gym and running on a treadmill like a hamster is as appealing as watching paint dry or assembling IKEA furniture...

But... I can start looking at golf gear..

Have you heard about
Amazing deals...
I highly recommend this site for balls, clubs, and shoes.
Never had problem with anything I got from there.

2) Did anyone else buy the Groupon for golf a few days back?
It was for the Sterling Golf Properties around Boston...

Check this deal out:
$30 for 18 holes at one of these four courses, and a cart.

Which one of these should I play?
Make this the new poll question? I think yes.
Will I review the course, and hot dogs in the snack shack when I am done playing? I think yes.

3) Hot Dogs.  I have been catching some heat from a loyal reader about this topic of late and my lack of reviewing them.  So here I am, how do you like me now?

I hate to admit this, but with my wedding coming up, I need to trim down a bit.
So I have been opting for Oscar Meyer Turkey Franks, and these Hebrew National All Beef 97% fat free hot dogs.

On to the ratings:

Oscar Meyer Turkey Franks: B+
Flavor - B
Hot Dog to Length Ratio - A+
Look out of the package - C
Calories per wiener = 120
Hebrew National 97% fat free: C
Flavor: D
Hot Dog to Length Ratio: B+
Look out of the package: B
Calories per wiener: 40*
*I am almost embarrassed to call myself a man after eating these, might as well have been tofu

Notes:  If you have a chance to eat these, don't.  They taste like rubber, and I had to char the hell out of them on the grill to make them remotely consumable. 

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