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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do I swing?

I got an email from a reader asking: What is in my golf bag?.... So here you go... (while watching the Bruins*)
*The Bruins are the only team I cheer for in Boston... that and I loathe the Montreal Canadians. I think it has to do something with my childhood vacations to Wildwood Crest/Cape May, NJ and how the French Canadians would run around on the beach in speedos...  Creeped me out.  No offense to the two people in Canada who read this blog...



*Cleveland Launcher Golf Driver (9 deg) circa 2008
I can hit this anywhere between 250 to 275 yards right of where I am aiming.
I literally need a football field wide fairway to land the ball.  I can't afford to play a lot, therefore I slice.
*Cleveland Launcher 3 - Wood
Top Flight Intimidator 5- Wood


*Cleveland Launcher 3 iron hybrid

                 *Remember when George W gave everyone money during the economic downturn and he asked everyone to spend it? Well I did. On my Driver, 3-Wood and hybrid.

I swing Titleist DCI Oversized Irons.  I mean how sexy is this picture?

I swing the 4 iron through PW

These irons have been there for me through good times and bad. I have had them since I was 17 and have had them re-gripped 4 times.  I can roll out of bed after not playing for months and hit my 7 iron 160 yards straight as an arrow.  We were meant to be together.  I worked harder for these than any other thing I have ever bought, I hope to have them for a long long time.

If my apartment was on fire and I had to grab a few things, I could rank them as:
1) Yankees Memorabilia
2) Fiance Mary (aka Frozen Bun)
3) Titleist 7 iron
4) Wallet/Keys/Phone


Last year, I was part (a small part) of a team that won a golf tournament in Windham, NH.
Winners got a gift certificate, so I bought a new Titleist Vokey 56 degree wedge.  It is so much fun to swing from just inside 100 yards.  It feels like you are throwing darts.

I also carry a rusty old Titleist Vokey Wedge (58 deg) and a lob wedge which I should throw into the woods.  I use this club about once a year because all I ever do is skull the ball 30 yards over the green.  This is the year I snap it over my knee.


I putt with an old Ping Darby putter. Why?  Because it is awesome.
It is heavy, and has been reliable over the years. Why would I mess with a good thing?

I am hitting the range this weekend!
Hopefully going out soon for a rust round...

Until next time...

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